Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"Published-On-Demand" Books

Many of the recent books about thruhikes have been made available through the use of print-on-demand online book publishing services such as Xlibris, Lulu, iUniverse, Booklocker, 1stBooks (now AuthorHouse)and others. In fact, I just Googled "on-demand publishers", found several lists of them, checked out a few and found a book I'd never come across before, "Dead Men Hike No Trails" by Rick McKinney at Booklocker. Here are a few of the memoirs that have come from on demand services in recent years.

Allen, Abe T. An Unfinished Odyssey on the Appalachian Trail: A Memoir. Waban, Mass.: 1stBooks, 2003.

Carver, Natasha. Walking Down a Dream: Mexico to Canada on Foot. Philadelphia, Pa: Xlibris Corp., 2002.

Eberhart, M. J. Where Less the Path is Worn: The Appalachian Mountains Trail: The Eastern Continental Trail. Bloomingdale, Ohio: Thirsty Turtle Press, 2004.

Hartley, Bob. Care to Join Me?: Day by Day on the Appalachian Trail. Victoria, B.C.: Trafford Publishing, 2003. [When you link to the Trafford website, search by the title in "Quick Search."]

Maroni, Bill. When Straight Jacket Met Golden Sun: A Journey on the Appalachian Trail. Philadelphia, Pa: Xlibris Corp., 2003.

McKinney, Rick. Dead Men Hike No Trails Bangor, Maine: Booklocker.com, 2005.

Pifher, Patrick J. One Step at a Time. Philadelphia, Pa.: Xlibris Corp., 1999.

Schuette, William. White Blaze Fever: Georgia to Maine on the Appalachian Trail. College Station, Texas: Virtualbookworm.com Publishing, 2003.

Scott, John. To the Woods: A Journey Along the Appalachian Trail. Morrisville, NC: Lulu.com, 2006.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Guidebooks for the Appalachian Trail

Here’s information on the latest editions in a series of annual guidebooks for the A.T., plus--finally--a new edition of the planning guide, originally published way back in 1992:

Bruce, Dan. “The Thru-Hiker’s Handbook.” 2006 ed. Conyers, Ga.: Center for Appalachian Trail Studies, 2006.

Chazin, Daniel D., ed. “Appalachian Trail Data Book 2006.” 28th ed. Harpers Ferry, WV: Appalachian Trail Conservancy, 2005.

Lauterborn, David, ed. “Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike Planner.” 2nd ed. Harpers Ferry, WV: Appalachian Trail Conservancy, 2005.

Taylor-Miller, Cynthia and Carol Barnes, eds. “Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker’s Companion 2006.” 13th ed. Harpers Ferry, WV: Appalachian Trail Conservancy, 2006. [online version at http://www.aldha.org/comp_pdf.htm ]

If you’re planning on thru-hiking in 2006, or even 2007, get busy and get these books now!

Happy Valentine's Day y'all!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Let's start with recent books on the Appalachian Trail

There were half a dozen new memoirs of A.T. hikes published in 2005. The authors are evenly divided between male and female. One of the hikes was not a thru-hike, as you can tell from its title. I thought I'd start off by listing those six books:

Allnutt, Rick. A Wildly Successful 200-Mile Hike: Lessons Learned from the Appalachian Trail.” Beavercreek, Ohio: Wayah Press, 2005.

Martin, Danie. Always Another Mountain: A Woman Hiking the Appalachian Trail from Springer Mountain to Mount Katahdin.” College Station, Texas: Virtualbookworm.com Publishing, 2005.

Mass, Leslie. In Beauty May She Walk: Hiking the Appalachian Trail at 60.” Jacksonville, Fla.: Rock Spring Press, 2005.

Pittard, Patrick. Bearfoot, a Northbounder: E-mails from the Appalachian Trail.” Birmingham, Ala.: Will Publishing, 2005.

Richardson, James. Once Upon a Climb: One Man’s Journey on the Appalachian Trail.” SanAntonio, Texas: Booklocker Inc., 2005.

Shepherd, Nancy. My Own Hike: A Woman’s Journey on the Appalachian Trail.” Morrisville, NC: Lulu.com, 2005.

Click on a title to find ordering information. If you'd like to just read the book with purchasing it, and it's not available at your local library, ask a staff member about "Interlibrary Loan."