Monday, April 03, 2006

And now for something completely different...

The Long Trail books are now listed in the Backcountry Bibliography and we can move on to something else. Weeks ago I mentioned some new memoirs of Appalachian Trail hikes and some “published-on-demand” books. Now that I’ve read most of them, I thought you might like a little synopsis on each one. I’ll do them one at a time for the next several weeks.

Ladies first. Let’s talk about Natasha Carver’s ”Walking Down a Dream: Mexico to Canada on Foot,” published by Xlibris in 2002. I like the way Xlibris makes books; they usually have better covers than some other POD publishers’ books, and the pages are well-glued-in.

Natasha, 26 years old, from England, set out to hike the PCT with Kirsten Bradley, from Canada, to raise money for Oxfam. Natasha made it all the way. Kirsten had to drop out due to injury after two months on the trail. They raised about $20,000 for Oxfam. Natasha’s writing style is quite good and I found the book enjoyable. She had her problems, but she stuck it out and made it all the way. At the end she wrote, “Sometimes I think I crawled, other times that I walked, but occasionally at least, I know I flew.”

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